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Lucio Bubacco

In a time when artists can choose to outsource the production of their work, Lucio continues to craft his original compositions with incomparable mastery. He even invented an entirely new way of working glass because lampworking, his preferred method, had no precedents for modelling the human figure in movement.

To quote the artist: “I have made things that I had seen in museums but that had never been made in this material. I was fascinated by Egyptian frescoes and Greek bas-reliefs. I wanted to portray human culture in glass. My inspiration comes from the ancient world, but I then use the material to interpret it by following my own train of thought.”

The figures in Lucio's compositions express situations of such dramatic daring that, beyond the captured moment, the scene might lead to catastrophe … or bliss. Both the subject and its formal expression bring us face to face with the risks inherent to life.