Past Projects

Lucio is recognized as one of the most accomplished and versatile lampworkers of our time. His talent as a sculptor finds expression in the nude; his finesse as a glass craftsman demonstrates consummate skill. For the onlooker, Lucio is a magician as he shapes a perfect sculptural form from a blob of molten glass with ease and artistry.

Lucio is a miniaturist whose sculptural projects are a canvas with a big idea patiently developed in an additive process. A master on the torch, he fashions and imbues each detail with expression and a view to the overall scheme.

This section provides an overview of Lucio’s recently completed larger projects and installations.




An interpretation of the Charon episode in Dante's Inferno, drawing parallels with the central vessel in Lucio’s “Eternal Temptation”.



La Barca dei Dannati | The boat of the Damnd
February 2015




The music of Tchaikovsky congealed into glass.



Lago dei Cigni | Swan Lake
April 2015




Lucio’s interpretation of Greek Mythology in the form of a chandelier.



Mythological Chandelier
March 2015




An interpretation of a vessel from “Eternal Temptation”.



The Boat Project
June 2012




A glass sculpture interpreting Dante's first encounter with Charon, the ferryman of Hades.



La Barca di Dante | The boat of Dante
May 2012




A sculptural composition, one year in the making and Lucio’s most ambitious work to date.



Eternal Temptation
October 2008




A monochrome composition that stages the three wise men, the holy figures and the animals around the infant Jesus. The composition prefigures the structural solutions developed for “Eternal Temptation”.



Nativity Group
Fall 1999